Gaggos Law Firm

Website Redesign

Project Summary

I collaborated with Elefant Design, a multidisciplinary design agency, to redesign a law firm’s website.


After being briefed by the agency about the needs of the client, I began working on the redesign of the website. I began by exploring the website, to gain firsthand experience as a user. Instantly, I realized the site was rather difficult to navigate. This resulted in having hidden pages a user might never come across or be able to find if looking for something specific. The first thing I did was to restructure the navigation to better serve its users. The navigation of any website should be created to give users a clear understanding of the structure of the site and this is what I tried to do.

The website had a very hierarchical structure and it was important to convey the different sub-categories within a section. I grouped subsections within a similar group under a heading and created a page for that. These pages serve as a bridge to get to the subcategories with the ability to easily view them all on one page. For example, I created a page called "Practice Areas" which contained links to all the different practice areas of the law firm.

Since the main sections on the site were the practice areas of the law firm, we did not want to hide those sections under a “Practice Areas” heading. Instead, we decided to create two top navigations. The main navigation contains the headings of each practice area page. We added a smaller navigation at the very top for other sections of the website. From the homepage, subcategories only become visible to users on mouseovers to save space. For this reason, I added a fat footer that would eventually be visible to users as they go down the homepage. In the internal pages, we also added breadcrumbs and a sidebar menu to guide users and provide convenient navigation.

To increase engagement with the site, I added a CTA to contact the firm on the homepage that links to the footer section to send a message. For increased readability, I resized the body text to 18px and kept the body text within 8 columns of a 12 column grid. I chose blue to convey trustworthiness and utilized different shades of blues to create depth in the design. The grays were selected for professionalism and I contrasted these colors with a golden yellow for CTAs to bring some energy and optimism in the design.

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