Hi, I'm Sara.

I am a digital product designer with a solid background in user-centered design principles. I have a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Michigan supplemented with a User Experience & User Interface Design apprenticeship from Bloc. I began my journey into the UX/UI design world when I discovered that this was the place where my creative and analytical talents could work together in harmony. My previous work experiences in research and data analytics have prepared me well to design solutions backed by data. My goal as a designer is to design solutions that reach the masses and help ease their daily lives.

My iterative design process:

  1. Assess - gather information for a deeper understanding of the problem. This may include speaking to clients and stakeholders, conducting user research in the form of surveys and interviews to create user personas, competitive analysis, and conducting usability testing on existing solutions.
  2. Ideate - explore possible (and impossible) design solutions by using the data gathered above to make informed design decisions.
  3. Build - create a workable prototype that can be tested.

When I am not perfecting my craft you might find me studying Arabic, practicing photography, reading the latest news in design & tech, or secretly observing people as I pretend to space out. Along with being a tireless problem-solver, I am a hopeless chocoholic and an empathetic over-thinker. I also have an interest in filmmaking, VFX, and motion design that I have yet to pursue.

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