Identity Design, UX/UI Design, Responsive Website Design & Development

Project Summary is a Software as a Service (SaaS) web application that allows its users to create and share content as well as collaborate alongside colleagues within their organization. This was a conceptual project, and my role was to develop the brand identity along with the design and development of the landing page.


In order to gain a deeper understanding of the product, target audience and business goals of the company, I began by interviewing the client. I researched competitors such as Evernote and Draft to develop an identity that would make stand out. With that insight, I selected colors that differentiated from the crowd and reflected the professional and easy-going personality the company strives to portray.

After a spell of brainstorming and a touch of fieldwork studying effective logos, I iterated on the logo design based on the client’s feedback.

The idea behind the logo is to show potential users the power of collaboration through To illustrate this, I continued the stroke from the text that grows into a scribble to signify the continuous flow of ideas coming together to generate something new and powerful.

Keeping users’ needs in mind, I worked on the content and layout of the page to effectively meet business goals. As the initial goal was to build a customer base by motivating website visitors to sign up for a free trial, I learned how to effectively layout a webpage and learned what kinds of content worked best to increase conversions (in this case, sign-ups for a free trial).


I redesigned the content and layout of the page in order to illustrate the brand identity more effectively and provide prospective customers with more information about to entice them to take action.

I changed the yellow of the logo into a darker, more visible yellow. I initially had a gray header and footer that I removed because it was too stuffy for’s personality. I selected desaturated colors for the illustrations paired with the Istok Web (yes, it is spelled "Istok") typeface to maintain a papery feel that represents’s main benefit as a notebook shared and accessible anywhere. Pictures without names tend to be impersonal and can seem made up, so in the social proof section, I removed the group of avatars I had initially and only kept one portrait for the testimonial that is displayed. In the redesign I also included a pricing section that lists in detail the features available to users.

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